Arklem Greeth was a power lich and Archmage Arcane of the Arcane Brotherhood. He plays a big role in the novel: The Pirate King.

Arklem Greeth
Vital Statistics
Title Archmage Arcane
Gender Male
Race Illuskan, Human Lich
Faction Lawful Evil
Status Dead
Location Host Tower of the Arcane, Luskan



Arklem Greeth was a powerful lich and also the husband of Valindra Shadowmantle .


After spending many years attempting to extend his lifespan through the aid of Wish spells and other powerful magics his body was eventually wracked with age. Arklem had spent much of that long life seeking the secrets of Faerûn's powerful magic. Plumbing the depths of far-flung lands such as MulhorandThayZakhara and even Kara-Tur he eventually came to believe that one with such vast knowledge and power was destined to rule.

After an attempted coup on his position in 1371 DR by the talanted Edulac and Valkebar, killing Arklem's top lieutenant Queltar Thaeloon in the process, Arklem fled the Host Tower. During this period Nyphithys the Erinyes visited him and offered him the secrets of Lichdom in exchange for the Arcane Brotherhoods conquest of the fledgling Silver Marches. A deal which Arklem gladly agreed to. Following his transformation, a devastating coup of the Host tower with the help of his new devilish allies began, setting Arklem back up as the undisputed master of the Arcane Botherhood and Luskan itself.

Fall of the Arcane Brotherhood

In 1376 DRCaptain Deudermont rallied an army against the Host Tower of the Arcane in response to Arklem Greeth's funding of the piracy around Luskan. During the battle, Arklem slew Lord Brambleberry of Waterdeep and sent Drizzt Do'Urden to the Abyss for awhile. After detonating his staff in a cataclysmic release , Arklem left the Hosttower in ruins killing thousands.

The following spring Arklem resurfaced when the High Captains of Luskan united to overthrow Deudermont. Seeking revenge on the captain who destroyed his hold over Luskan, Arklem attacked the Sea Sprite. Unfortunaly Arklem was beaten in combat by Robillard, the wizard-protector of Sea Sprite.

However he was not destroyed and retreated to the graveyards of Luskan aided by mysterious allies where his beloved Valindra Shadowmantle had been returned to life as a lich.




Arklem Greeth


  • The Pirate King
  • Gauntlgrym (Mentioned)
  • Neverwinter (Mentioned)


  • Neverwinter Nights

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