There are several types of AoE in Neverwinter. 

  • Frontal Cone AoE (or FCAoE) - This damage spreads out in a cone in front of the user, and is usually short to medium range. 
  • Sweeping AoE - While there is sometimes not a display for this type of attack, it sweeps along the front and part of the sides of the user. This damage is sometimes used from behind, often used by dragons, such as a tail sweep. There is often little to no time to avoid it.
  • Targeted AoE - A spell that targets a specific player or preprogrammed spots in a circle, and is usually small to medium.
  • Roaming AoE (or RAoE) - Another form of targeted AoE, but it follows the player around for a few seconds until depositing itself on one spot. Usually it is best to kite these to a wall or as far from the group as possible. These are most often medium to large.
  • Point Blank AoE (or PBAoE) - A circular AoE that drops right under the user, that is usually medium to large.
  • Directional AoE - Usually a long to infinite range rectangular attack in front of the user, these are most often associated with Damage over Time (DoT) attacks such as breath attacks.

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