Achievements are awarded by completing specific tasks in the game. These range from killing a specific number of monster types (orcs, skeltons, wolves) to exploration of the zones in the world to completing all story missions for a zone to  completing dungeons and so forth. When you complete an achievement you receive a quick pop-up message in game and are awarded achievement points.

Each achievement will award you with a set number of points and those points will be added to your overall achievement score. You can access your achievements list by bringing up your jounral (J Key) and selecting the middle tab at the top.

A list of the Achievement categories are:

  • Exploration
  • Foundry Authoring 
  • Foundry Community
  • General Professions
  • Quests
  • Skirmishes

It should be noted that some achievements are tiered (or nested) and may not be seen until another achievement is first unlocked. For example, you will not see the General Achievement for "Level 30!" until you have unlocked "Level 20!". Or you will not see the Profession achievement "Leadership: Captain" until you have completed "Leadership: Sergeant" first. So be sure to keep pushing ahead on completing achievements to see which new ones will pop up next.

It should also be noted: At this time there are specific achievements for "kills" in the game. For example: Kill 50 orcs, Kill 100 skeletons, Kill 150 wolves. However, these achievements are not listed in the achievements tab. At this time these are hidden progression achievements which you will be awarded but you can not track/view them at this time in your Journal. We have not heard if these will ever be tracked here or not.

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