A Cantrip Trip
Start Assistant Lugan
End Old Spellbook
Prerequisites Control Wizard
Level 10
Location Waukeen Way, Tower District
Experience 192
Rewards 58Copper small icon
Into the Tower
The Book Club

Assistant Lugan thinks the cantrip given to you by Archmage Ricven may still work in localized areas. Of course he wants you to venture deeper into the Tower District to find out.


  • Find areas of Magical Instability and observe the effects of cantrips within them.


Assistant Lugan
Ricven mentioned parts of the old weave which allowed this old spell to work did he?

Hmm, I happen to be in possession of an old map of arcane power concentrations in the area. My theory is that the most concentrated spots would remain stable enough to allow you to cast ghost sound. Here, I'll mark the locations on your map.

While you are rummaging about out there, keep your eye out for any old tomes. Who knows what other spells we might find!


  • Cast Ghost Sound (3/3)
  • Examine the Discarded Spellbook


Old Spellbook
1. Examine Spellbook

This might be just the sort of thing that Assistant Lugan is looking for.

An excellent find!


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