A'Drx'l the Aboleth Overseer
A'Drx'l the Aboleth Overseer
Ablative Plateforming
Vital Statistics
Type Boss
Role Controller
Gender N/A
Race Aboleth
Faction Aboleth Sovereignty
Health 5000000 HP
Level  ???
Location Spellplague Caverns

Lore Edit

Of all the things that were revealed to me in the depths of the Chasm, the very existance of the masters was the more powerful. I saw them swimming in the Plaguefire, and I have seen visions of their homeworld. I still don't know if they created the plague, or if they just learned o control it. But I will soon find out.

- Razzad's notes

In the deepest pits of the Spellplague Caverns lies the Chauldron of the Blue Fire. Here, a monstrous Aboleth handles the expansion of the Spellplague in Neverwinter and beyond, corrupting everything it touches.

-The Cauldron of the Blue Fire

Sometime after the Spellplaque hit the city of Neverwinter - between 1385 DR and 1479 DR - and created the Casm, an Aboleth came from the Far Realm, and established itself in it's deepest part, creating the Spellplague Caverns as we know them today. It's uncertain when exactly A'Drx'l came into our world, but it quickly corrupted several of of Neverwinter inhabitants, transforming them into Aboleth Servitors, and spred the plague, creating unnumbered Spellscarred (among other things). It's influence was so vast it even corrupted the elven wizard Razzad, putting the events of the Spellburst in motion.

A'Drx'l is finally encoutered in a pool of Plaguefire as the final boss of the Spellplague Caverns. It was eventually killed by adventurers, and the Spellplague's spreading was stopped.

Strategy Edit

This boss constantly summons adds. They can either be dealt with regularly or kited and knocked off the edge by a dedicated mob control player. Every time A'Drx'l has lost 20% of its health, the platform section that he is facing will be highlighted in red, and you have roughly 5 seconds to get off of it (or die in the water). He has two targeted AoE attacks. The small one targets one to three players and deals insignificant damage, while the roaming targeted AoE deals moderate to high damage. This, like many RAoE, should be kited to an edge before it triggers. He also has a melle attack wich is powerfull, but easy to avoid. One should note that during the encounter, platforms can be resummoned; but this quite rare, as the boss will often surface above the central platform.


- The boss drops a crystal in the middle of the main platform when killed. You have to destroy it to obtain the loot.

- This boss (and the whole dungeon in general) is veryItalic text hard to complete without a control wizard, or other classes capable of moving mobs.

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